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School Policies

 Attendance and Tardy Policy

Daily attendance paves the way for academic success and is a priority at Sylmar Leadership Academy. Student absences must be accounted for according to California State law. We encourage our families to plan vacations and medical appointments in coordination with the school calendar. Please provide us with a note explaining your child’s absence. Excused absences include: illness of the child, death of an immediate family member, and a doctor/dentist visit. All unexcused absences are detrimental to our school as they equate to a loss of funding. Absences will become truancies if they are not cleared within three days after a student returns to school. The District goal is for all students to attend school 96% of the time or better, having no more than 5-7 absences per school year. Please ensure your child attends school every day, on time, and for the full length of the school day.

Students who are absent consecutively five days or more due to illness, must clear the absences through the school nurse. In addition, clearance is required of students who come to school with casts and doctor's excuses for restricted physical education. 

If your child arrives tardy to school, a parent must accompany him/her to the office to be signed in. The District sends two automated telephone messages daily to all homes of students who are tardy and/or absent. If a student must leave early for any reason, he/she will only be released from the office to a parent, guardian, or person listed on the emergency card.

Our Intervention Coordinator will be assisting families of students who are frequently absent and/or habitually tardy. Please contact Ms. Santa Cruz or Mrs. Valdivia at 818-367-1300 for assistance.

Dress Code

In order to maintain an appropriate educational atmosphere and ensure safety and security in the school and the community, the following dress code will be strictly enforced.

Primary Grades K-5

Boys:                  Tan pants or shorts; Navy collared polo shirt or fully buttoned short sleeve shirt

Girls:                  Tan pants, shorts, skirts, skorts; Navy collared polo shirt or blouse

Secondary Grades 6-8

Boys:                  Tan pants or shorts; Light blue collared polo shirt or fully buttoned short sleeve shirt

Girls:                  Tan pants, shorts, skirts, skorts; Light blue collared polo shirt or blouse

PE:                      Gym clothes need to be purchased

  • All shirts and bottoms must be a solid color, no lettering or design other than the school logos
  • Skirts and shorts must be mid thigh or longer, may not be worn below the hips
  • Jackets, sweaters, and sweatshirts need to be solid navy, light blue, white or black
  • Shoes need to fully cover toes and heels
  • The only headgear permitted is a cap with the school logo. Caps must be worn with the bill to the front.

Students who are not in uniform will be sent to the Parent Center where a loaner uniform will be provided for the day. Our basic uniform colors are available in local stores. A “logo” edition will be available at school events and in the office throughout the school year.

We reserve the right to add or change any item to this list that may at a later time become a safety concern or a disruption to instruction for our students.


We request that all parents assist us in preventing vandalism and burglaries at the school. If you see anyone on the school grounds after hours and weekends, please call School Police at 213-625-6631 or Los Angeles Police Department Mission Division at 818-756-8861.

  • Children should not come to school BEFORE 7:30 a.m. There is no supervision before this time. Please pick up your children promptly at dismissal. Kindergarten and First Grade students are NOT permitted to stay after school in the Youth Services Program or wait for older siblings to get out of school.
  • If your child walks to and from school, you should walk with him/her from time to time. Please discuss with your child the safest and most direct route to and from school and the approximate time it takes.
  • The front entrance to Sylmar Leadership Academy is located on the corner of Dronfield and Bledsoe Street. The gate will be open from 7:30 a.m. and after dismissal until 6:00 p.m. The gate located on Bledsoe will be open for dismissal for 15 minutes after the bell. The office closes at 4:30 p.m. daily.
  • All visitors must check in and out through the office. You will be issued a visitor’s pass so you are identified while on campus. This ensures that only authorized persons are on the school grounds.
  • Children are not permitted to leave school grounds alone during school hours. A parent/guardian or a designated person listed on the emergency card must appear in person at the school office to sign a release permit.
  • It is essential that the school have current information on emergency cards for your child’s protection in case of illness or an emergency. If at any time during the year you have a change of address, telephone number, employment, or childcare number, please notify the office immediately.
  • The Campus Aide, Supervision Aides, and other school personnel will share the responsibility of keeping all of our students safe and comfortable at school. Parents and students are expected to report any suspicious activity on or around the campus to an adult. “See Something, Say Something"

After School Programs

  • Youth Services will be offered daily to students in Grades 2-8 after the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. In accordance with District policy, Kindergarten and First Grade students will not be permitted into the program.
  • The L.A's Best Program is offered to students in Grades K-8 after the end of the school day until 6:00 p.m. This program requires an application as space is limited.

Student Behavior Expectations

Being a person of good character is how you act towards others and the choices you make each day. Showing respect to both students and adults is a habit. Learning to respect those who are different than ourselves is a valuable trait that is needed to build healthy relationships with others. In order to develop the habit of good behavior, students must learn and follow the rules of behavior established for those attending Sylmar Leadership Academy.

Be Respectful

  • Refrain from the use of profanity and offensive language.
  • Bullying, sexual harassment, or racial slurs will not be tolerated.
  • Follow the school rules, the 7 Habits, obey teachers and other adults on campus.

Be safe, and healthy

  • The school uniform must be worn every day. Shoes need to fully cover toes and heels.
  • During school hours, remain on campus and only in designated areas for recess, nutrition, and lunch.
  • Students need to be in school on time and prepared to learn.
  • Toys, electronics, and/or large amounts of money should be kept at home. Cell phones and iPods must be secured in a backpack and turned off during the school day. If items are visible and/or in use, they will be confiscated and returned only to a parent. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen property.
  • Bring healthy snacks like fruit, yogurt, cheese and crackers, water or juice. Gum, candy, and soda are not permitted.

Be responsible for your materials and school environment

  • Take good care of books and all school materials and supplies.
  • Keep the school clean by not littering and/or marking on buildings or property.
  • Report all signs of graffiti.

Sylmar Leadership Academy will be implementing a school wide model that emphasizes a culture of student empowerment and helps unleash each child’s full potential. Applying The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People®, teachers and students will internalize timeless leadership principles that nurture the skills students need for success in the 21st century.

Habit 1-Be Proactive…You’re in Charge                                   

Habit 2-Begin with the End in Mind…Have a Plan                               

Habit 3-Put First Things First…Work First, Then Play 

Habit 4-Think Win-Win…Everyone Can Win                                   

Habit 5-Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood… Listen Before You Talk

Habit 6-Synergize…Together Is Better

Habit 7-Sharpen the Saw…Balance Feels Best

Serious behaviors in violation of the California Education Code may result in suspension, expulsion, or transfer from Sylmar Leadership Academy. Severe misconduct includes, but is not limited to:

  • Causing or attempting to cause damage to school or personal propert
  • Stealing or attempting to steal
  • Using profanity, offensiveness, or hate language
  • Injuring or threatening to injure another person
  • Possession of a dangerous object or weapon
  • Disruption of school activities
  • Defiance of teachers, administrators, or other supervising adults
  • Possession of or use of tobacco or drug substances
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Falsely reporting a fire or bomb

Homework Policy

The purpose of homework is to provide students an opportunity for independent practice, to reinforce learning, and to assist with the mastery of specific skills. It can be used as a preparation for introducing material to be presented in future lessons. It is an opportunity for students to extend their current skills into new situations. In addition,  it is a means by which students may integrate many different skills to a larger task, such as book reports, or other creative avenues. It should have direct alignment to the content standards appropriate to the grade level or course. 

Responsibilities of the School

  • To assign homework on a regular basis
  • To assign work that is understood by the child
  • To set clear expectations and due dates

Responsibilities of the Student

  • To complete all work neatly
  • To return all assignments on time
  • To return books and materials in good condition

Responsibilities of the Parent

  • To provide time and a quiet place where your child can study
  • To check your child’s work for neatness and legibility
  • To read with your child daily or ensure your child is reading daily

Suggested Time Allocations for Homework

20-30 minutes per day…………K

35-45 minutes per day…………1st , 2nd
50-60 minutes per day………3rd, 4th, 5th

60-90 minutes per day………6th, 7th, 8th



Library news and related information can be read in Library Link publications and on our website: The library is available to students during recess, and lunch. K-5 students visit the library each week with their teacher. Students can enjoy reading books, complete homework, or use the computers. Students must fill out a permission slip in order to enjoy the privilege of checking out books. Parents can check out books too!

Parent Participation

Your participation at home and school is important to us at Sylmar Leadership Academy. At home, please monitor nutrition, television and computer use, and hours of sleep to enhance growth and health. Take time to discuss the lessons learned each day.

We invite all parents to join our monthly meetings or serve as officers for School Site Council SSC, English Learner Advisory Council ELAC, or the School Advisory Council (SAC). In addition, the Parent Center offers educational courses and social activities for parents and community members. Please contact our Parent Director, Jazmin Vega at 818-367-1300.

We also encourage you to volunteer on campus to assist with special events, in classrooms, yard supervision, or completing projects for the staff at the Parent Center. A quality education is a partnership between teachers, students, and parents. Home to School communication is vital for a successful partnership. Communication will be disseminated in the following ways:

  • Bi-Monthly Newsletter
  • Connect Ed Phone System
  • Parent Center Bulletin Board
  • School Marquee
  • Staff Telephone Calls
  • School Website
  • Home-School Communicators                  Folders: K-5                                                            Student Planner: 6-8 
  • K-5 Grades: Progress Report five weeks prior to issuance of a report card each semester
  • 6-8 Grades: Approximately, every  five weeks students are given a report related to their progress. Letter grades are given in each subject/course, work habits, and cooperation.  At the twenty week marking periods, students are issued a final grade for each subject/course.
  • Parent Conferences are held twice a year in the fall and spring.